Members of Iriao:
Bidzina Murgulia, VOCAL & Misc
Levan Abshilava, DRUMS, PERCUSSION 
Shalva Gelekva, BASS    
George Abashidze, VOCAL & Misc
Mikheil Javakhishvili, VOCAL & Misc       
sunday 16:00
Iriao. Ethno-jazz evening / Georgia
Iriao’s distinct repertoire in overall is built on Georgian authentic folk ground, although its goal is not to modernize unique Georgian polyphony music (which has been broadly recognized by UNESCO as being a masterpiece of oral immaterial heritage) but to saturate and adorn it with jazz elements. This synthesis is well introduced by Mr. Malazonia thought his special experience and respect of this music, and performed by band with much care.

Iriao is Georgian ethno jazz band founded in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Name Iriao comes from the common phrase “Iriao-uruao” of the famous Georgian jodling singing style "Krimanchuli". Having a deep experience both in Georgian folk music and jazz, leader of the band David Malazonia is considered to be one of the first Georgian composers, who has combined these two genres in his compositions. For the last 30 years David has been successfully composing music for numerous theater pieces and films both in Georgia and Germany, as well as for the legendary Georgian band ADIO. In 2013 both the amount of excellent material and wish of the colleagues has reached the critical mass and David was literally pushed to create a band!

Iriao’s debut performance took place in June 2013 in Tbilisi and received deserved recognition of the audience and mass media. Iriao plans to actively promote its performance and conduct concerts around Georgia and abroad.

Tickets:  €1,00   

Place: Great Hall
Organizer: World Culture Society